Thursday, January 15, 2009

So for Christmas this year, Gail, Luke's Step Mom, got me this great devotional. I was reading the one from today and it was so encouraging. I love when I am going through something in my life, whether it's school, relationships, or even events in my walk with the Lord and when I get so overwhelmed, God boldly reveals Himself in His word as to say, "No one else might understand, but I've been with you through it all." Today's devotion was about God's face shining upon me. The main point was saying that when we are surrounded by a sea of problems, we have to simply call out to our Lord and He is there. Now, that does not mean that He will act immediately or in the way we would want it. It simply means that He is right there to encourage us, uplift us, and to get us through that moment of weakness or hardship. In His time and way, He will deliver us through it. Brothers and sisters in Christ, set your eyes on Him. When the waves of problems come crashing down, set your eyes on things above. The God of peace is the same God of salvation, the universe, and the God who created you. If He can do things of that extreme nature, I'm pretty sure He can guide you through problems of this world and save you from sinking.

I go back to school on Saturday and I'm trying to brace myself for all the hard work that's to come. It's a blessing to be in a class where everyone is on the same page. Last semester, I found myself frequently scanning the room in awe of what was happening. I went from attending a college where the professors tried to avoid any religious comments to now a school where the professor is pouring out every little detail that he has learned about one word in a scripture verse. We can boldly state the precious name of Jesus, we can lay hands on the student next to us a pray out loud for them, we can request spiritual advice from the teacher of the class and it's all ALLOWED!! It's a breath of fresh air in a world of secular pollution. With all that goodness being said, I know that shortly i will be faced with an intense work load that will test my patience, and stress level. Praise the Lord for bringing me to this devotion today that allows me to prepare for this next week. When the waves of problems or stress are about to crash, I must seek the Lord and trust He will not let me be crushed by the waves.

"But when he saw the wind, he was afraid, and beginning to sink he cried out, "Lord, save me."
Matthew 14:30

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