Monday, January 19, 2009

A Little Something To Make You Smile

Hope, my neighbor across the hall, and I were watching some of the funniest videos and I wanted to share a few with you! The first one is of this bird on a pet show but it's so cute! The other is from a Christian comedian who is hystarical! 3 girls and I stayed up till 3am watching clips from him! His name is Tim Hawkins! Enjoy!


  1. amazing! that parrot or whatever it is talented!:) i saw it when it was on tv. lots of training, i suppose.

  2. um, hi. thanks for letting me know that you actually started your blog. obviously you haven't commented on mind, but you posted like 5 times and didn't even tell me you were doing it!!! what's up with that?!
    Just be sure to say hi every once in a while! love you!