Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Here's To New Beginnings

Welcome to the first of many blogs on this site! The idea to start this page came from inspiration from my sisters blogs, as well as close friends who have blogs of their own. I enjoy looking at others pages and I find myself laughing at their written comedies, relating to their times of frustration that they take out on their innocent pages, being caught up in the moment of a photo, or simply being entertained at the decor used to surround their precious words. I feel like it's time to give back.

The title of my blog has a bit of fun behind it. I'm getting married to the man of my dreams this December and will be taking on a new last name...Hinton. Now do we see where A "Hint On" What's To Come is created from? I can't take all the credit, I couldn't come up with a name so I ran to my mom in hopes of some creative inspiration and she was the one to think of it. I hope to use this page as a way to update family and friends on the process of planning a wedding and eventually our married life. I also wish to share with you what the Lord is doing in my daily walk with Him.

I look forward to having a quiet little spot to type out my thoughts and I am honored if you have stayed with me to this point. It's been a while since I last did something like this, I was distracted with a little site by the name of Facebook which seems to take up a majority of my online life. I hope you enjoy hearing the details describing our preparation of the wedding and like I said in the title, here's to new beginnings!


  1. yea! kendall! so fun to have you in the blogworld!

  2. Great blog honey! You are such an encouragement. Love you baby boo.

  3. cute blog! i read ur other sisters blogs. Y'all look so much alike!:) too cute!